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Area Development Plans (3- Southside, London, and Westside)

One or more qualified consultant teams will be selected to prepare three separate, new Area Development Plans (ADPs) for the Southside (33.2 square miles), London (Outside City Limits – 8 square miles), and Westside (22 square miles) planning districts, with a planning horizon of 20 years. Due to the proximity of the London Area to the Southside Area, as well as the undeveloped nature of the London district, these two planning efforts will likely occur concurrently.


These plans shall require extensive community outreach to generate a Community Vision, Goals, and Objectives for these areas of the City to address the desired balance of land uses, locations, design character and densities as applied to undeveloped and potential re-development areas. The planning process must emphasize a community outreach process that incorporates high-tech, web-based platforms (such as web-hosted interactive map applications that will gather community input), with complimentary low-tech approaches. The Area Development Plans must also address the interconnection of land use, the built environment, the socioeconomic environment, and the natural environment. The consultants shall initiate the overall study, examine existing conditions, identify needs and opportunities, and prepare implementation strategies for the City of Corpus Christi.


The planning analyses must identify emerging trends and the suitability of existing land use regulations, public/private facilities, and services to meet the growing and changing needs of the population in the city. The Plans shall also explore where public and/or private initiatives shall be necessary to maintain and improve services and facilities.


The Plans shall outline development and/or redevelopment strategies that consider preferred future land use patterns and the infrastructure improvements required to support such land use patterns. Build-out scenarios shall be presented to allow the City Council, City Staff, and the public to evaluate the cost-benefit analysis and return on investment (ROI) of varying development scenarios. Economic, social, and environmental impacts shall be addressed. The implementation strategies shall identify capital improvement projects, programs, and code amendments that should be pursued to implement the goals of the Plans.


Plan components should include but may not be limited to: community engagement, analysis of background information and current conditions; evaluation of the planning district boundaries; future land uses; residential and business opportunities; transportation network; economic development; public facilities, services, and infrastructure; resiliency and sustainability. The consultants are welcome to suggest creative or innovative additions or modifications to these components.

Deadline to submit: 2/2/18  -please see below link to Civcast