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2017 - City of Shawnee 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Description of Project


The City of Shawnee (hereinafter referred to as “City”), located within Pottawatomie County, is seeking responses to a Request for Qualifications from qualified consulting firms for the completion of a Comprehensive Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”) update.  The goal of this process would be the development of a Comprehensive Plan for the City of Shawnee looking out to a horizon year of 2040.


Citizen involvement is the cornerstone of the Shawnee Comprehensive Plan.  A successful plan is identified not just with the elected and appointed officials of the City who adopt it, but with the entire community and its residents who help draft it and want to see it followed and maintained.  The Shawnee Comprehensive Plan should not be considered a static document but rather the result of a continuous process to gather and evaluate information and make informed decisions based upon constantly changing conditions. Project financing will be accomplished over two fiscal years.  The project is expected to occur over two fiscal years and the contract will be structured accordingly.


Recent plans have been adopted / utilized by the City of Shawnee that should be considered or incorporated as part of the Project preparation:


-          2005 Comprehensive Plan

-          2016 Park Master Plan

-          2014 Zoning Code

-          2007 Shawnee Trails Master Plan

-          1990 Subdivision Regulations

-          2014 Utility Master Plan

-          2012 Reimagine Downtown Plan

-          2017 Downtown TIF Plan

-          2017 Shawnee Strategic Plan





The Project should be completed with input from the Mayor and City Commission, Planning Commission, appointed citizen boards, City staff and interested citizen stakeholder groups.  It is envisioned that the Project will include a comprehensive public participation process, employing multiple techniques to ensure an open public dialogue through the development of the Project.


The Project will include assembling and analyzing data regarding all of the existing conditions within the City of Shawnee and utilizing that data to develop policies, actions, and an implementation plan to guide future development and decision making within the community with a horizon year of 2040.


The following basic elements shall be addressed in the Comprehensive Plan:


  • Vision and Goals;
  • Land Use and Redevelopment;
  • Transportation;
  • Housing and Neighborhood development and redevelopment;
  • Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails Plan;
  • Health and Wellness;
  • Utilities, Infrastructure, and Community Facilities;
  • Economic Development;
  • Capital Improvements; and


Consultant Responsibilities and Deliverables


The selected consultant will work under the direction of the Community Development Director and will be responsible for consultation with the Mayor and City Commission, major stakeholder organizations, citizen boards, and the public.  In addition, the consultant is responsible for the following items:


  • General management of the Project
  • Drafting and preparation of the plan document, graphics, mapping and other support services.
  • Data Collection, analysis, and presentation
  • Organization and facilitation of public meetings
  • Budgeting project funds
  • Regular presentations to the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, Planning and Zoning Commissions, and City Commission.


Project and deliverables shall be as follows:

  • Maps and associated data shall be in ArcGis format and shall be provided to the City.
  • Text and report files shall be in MS Word and PDF formats.
  • All final reports shall be presented in digital format for archiving and reproduction.

Consultant Qualifications

The City of Shawnee will evaluate consultant experience, qualifications and capabilities for developing and implementing an updated Comprehensive Plan.  The desired qualifications are outlined below. Responders are required to submit a written narrative corresponding to each of the following section items:

  1. Introduction
    • Overview and summary of how your company will assist the City in completing our desired plan.
  2. Company Profile
    • Company overview and history
      1. How long has the company been in business?
      2. Number of current employees
  • Number of clients in the past 5 years
  • Capabilities of company – Why should your company be chosen
  1. Management Team / Key Members of Implementation Team
    • Name, title, role
    • Education, years of experience
  2. Project Development Approach
    • Average timeline
    • Detailed explanation of all project phases including consultation, design, development, implementation
  3. Scope of Work
    • Project phase deliverables
    • What will be expected of the City
    • What the City can expect from the company
  4. Experience with Municipal Plan Production
    • References (minimum of five references, all contact information below)
      1. Client name
      2. Website URL
  • Client contact person and title
  1. Phone
  2. Email address
  3. Please include Oklahoma municipal clients if applicable

Selection Process


Responses to this RFQ will help the City identify the most qualified consultant firm and will be indicative of the level of the firm’s commitment.  The City will evaluate the qualifications, references, overall fit with the City of Shawnee, as well as take into consideration the proposed scope to determine the most qualified firm.


The City of Shawnee reserves the right to reject any and all submittals, to compare the relative merits of the respective responses, and to choose a firm, which in the opinion of the City, will best serve the interests of the City. The selection process will consist of the following phases:


  • Phase 1: A City review team will evaluate submittals. The initial review will determine conformance to submission requirements and whether responses meet minimum criteria established.  Review will include the firm’s acceptance of RFQ terms and completeness of submission.
  • Phase 2: Interview of most qualified applicants.
  • Phase 3: Review team will check references given and rank the firms.
  • Phase 4: The City will enter into negotiations leading to a professional services agreement to be presented to the Shawnee City Commission.


Project Timeline


RFQ Process Authorization from the City Commission          November 6, 2017

RFQ Submittal Deadline                                                         December 1, 2017

Staff Review and Interview Completed                                  December 22, 2017

Contract Award by City Commission                                      January 15, 2018

Expected Project Completion Date                                        March 1, 2019


Proposal Submittal Instructions


Responses to the Request for Qualifications must be received no later than 4:00 PM on December 1, 2017.  Responses received after this deadline will not be considered.  No faxed or emailed responses will be accepted.


Statements of Qualifications shall be limited to not more than 25 pages, exclusive of cover letter and resumes.  Firms should send five (5) copies of their Statement of Qualifications along with one (1) digital copy.


Mail, hand or special delivery:                       Community Development Department

                                                                        222 N. Broadway Ave.

                                                                        Shawnee, OK 74801