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The American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) is beginning the process of identifying Chapter nominees for the 2014 Class of AICP Fellows.  The biennial process to identify nominees for Fellows of AICP begins now and will be concluded by November 5th, when nomination packages must be submitted to AICP. Fellows are chosen by a selection committee appointed by the AICP Commission.  Newly elected AICP Fellows will be inducted to the College of Fellows at the 2014 APA National Planning Conference in Atlanta next April.  Further information on the Fellows selection process is provided at

Alternative Pathways to Nomination
There are five possible pathways for nomination to AICP Fellow.  The following groups can nominate any number of outstanding members to the College of Fellows of AICP:
1.      An APA Chapter, through an executive committee, awards committee, or a special committee as established by a chapter.
2.      An APA Division through an executive committee, awards committee, or a special committee as established by a division.
3.      The AICP Executive Committee.
4.      The College of Fellows, through their special nominations committee.
5.      Any AICP member, accompanied by the endorsement of ten other AICP members in good standing.

APA Texas Chapter Nominating Committee for 2014 AICP Fellows
On May 17, Chapter President Renae’ Ollie appointed the Texas Chapter 2014 Fellows Nominating Committee.  The committee will recommend the Chapter’s nominees, confirm the nominees are willing to prepare their nominating packet, and recommend them to the Chapter Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  Members include Craig Farmer, FAICP (Chair); Connie Cooper, FAICP; Jim Duncan, FAICP; Richard Luedke, AICP; Wendy Shabay, AICP; Shannon Van Zandt, AICP; and Karen Walz, FAICP.

Eligibility Criteria for Nominations
There are certain criteria that all AICP members should achieve as outlined by the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.  The minimum requirements for eligibility as a Fellow include:
• Member of AICP for at least 15 years.
• Member of AICP in good standing.
• Outstanding contribution to the profession over an extended period of time.

Nomination is based on the member’s distinctive accomplishments in one of the following areas:  Professional Practice, Teaching and Mentoring, Research or Community Service and Leadership.
In order to qualify for Fellow status, however, the nominee must exhibit, and the nomination submission must document:
• Exceptional and sustained leadership, resulting in a readily definable change to a place, people, or process.
• Innovation and excellence creating consensus and support for a planning activity that lead to community improvements.
• A legacy for his/her profession, community and society, such as an impact that has created or shown potential to provide a benefit to his/her profession, community and society.
• Exceptional accomplishments in planning over the extent of his/her career or an extended period of time.

Current Texas Fellows of AICP
The AICP College of Fellows currently includes the following Texas AICP members:

1.      Ann Bagley, FAICP
2.      Chris Basham, FAICP
3.      Carol Barrett, FAICP
4.      Barbara Becker, FAICP
5.      Brian J. L. Berry, FAICP
6.      Jim Bertram, FAICP
7.      Roger Blevins, FAICP
8.      Roberta Burroughs, FAICP
9.      Jim Carrillo, FAICP
10.   Connie Cooper, FAICP
11.   Fernando Costa, FAICP
12.   Jim Duncan, FAICP
13.   Craig Farmer, FAICP
14.   Dave Gattis, FAICP
15.   Mary Lou Henry, FAICP
16.   Jesus ‘Chuy’ Hinojosa, FAICP
17.   Dick Lillie, FAICP
18.   Mike McAnelly, FAICP
19.   Emil Moncivais, FAICP
20.   Joe Pobiner, FAICP
21.   David Pugh, FAICP
22.   Julie Rankin, FAICP
23.   Dan Sefko, FAICP
24.   Jeff Taebel, FAICP
25.   Frank Turner, FAICP
26.   Joe Vining, FAICP
27.   Karen Walz, FAICP
28.   Robert Wegner, FAICP
29.   Sara Jane White, FAICP
30.   Dennis Wilson, FAICP
31.   Ralph Bender, FAICP (deceased)
32.   Vernon G. Henry, FAICP (deceased)
33.   Wolfgang Roesler, FAICP (deceased)
34.   Marvin Springer, FAICP (deceased)