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An updated Tyler 1st Vision and set of principles was approved by the City Council during their meeting on Sepember 11, 2013  as part of the five-year update to the city’s comprehensive plan. These vision and principle statements will be the basis for future steering committee decisions and recommendations as the five-year comprehensive plan update is finalized.

“Extensive public input was sought to arrive at these new statements, including a citywide survey, eight open houses, comments on the Tyler Speaks page as well as smaller focused online surveys,” said City Planner Heather Nick.

Tyler 1st was originally adopted by the City Council on Nov. 14, 2007 after nearly 18 months of community involvement and input. This 20-year plan created a strategic framework for future actions for the City and defines a vision for the future linked to overall goals and policies. The plan contains strategies and action items for achieving the goals. To view the original Tyler 21 Plan, visit:

The comprehensive plan calls for annual reports to City Council on the status of implementation as well as a comprehensive review every three to five years to revisit the vision, goals and principles. A steering committee was appointed by Mayor Barbara Bass earlier this year to oversee this five-year update to the plan. The committee has been meeting monthly to review each chapter of the plan and to determine what revisions are needed to align the plan with changing community dynamics.

Tyler 1st addresses issues such as downtown revitalization, historic preservation, parks and recreation, transportation, housing and neighborhoods. For more information on Tyler 1st, visit the City of Tyler web site or

“Tyler 1st must reflect the needs and aspirations of community residents,” said Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass. “It must be a flexible document that can change according to circumstances to ensure that it stays current as a useful planning tool.”

The Tyler 1st Steering Committee will meet four more times to review, update, and establish goals associated with downtown, education, and future land use/annexation chapters. The Plan Development phase will conclude with a Report Out meeting scheduled for January. The Report Out meeting will include a presentation of the Steering Committee’s draft recommended goals and the refreshed implementation plan. The final adoption is scheduled for May 2014.

Tyler 1st Vision In 2030, the City of Tyler will be nationally known for its sense of community, commitment to a robust business environment, quality medical care, excellent educational institutions and the beauty of its public spaces.

Building on its historic heritage and enduring identity as a city of trees, roses, and azaleas, Tyler will welcome growth with a thoughtful approach that reflects the beauty of the East Texas landscape and creates a sense of place and community in every part of the city. Through excellence in city design, Tyler’s public spaces, from sidewalks to entrance corridors, plazas and parks, will provide comfort, safety, utility, fitness and delight to all who use them throughout the City. In this way, Tyler will enhance and extend into the future the precious legacy bestowed by previous generations- natural beauty, Tyler’s Rose Garden, its tree-lined brick streets, its historic districts, and a rich business environment.

Tyler will combine faith-based and small-town values with safe, interconnected neighborhoods; a superb transportation system; a flourishing economy; and a vibrant downtown. With an efficient, forward-thinking, and fiscally-responsible city government and strong public private and regional partnerships, Tyler will set the highest standard for an outstanding quality of life.