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Special Session Bill Status

The following update includes bills that have been introduced as of July 26th.

New bills are in entirely in red and highlighted items are most important.  Note that SB 6, Campbell's annexation bill was approved by the Senate and sent to the House.  As amended with a reduced population threshold which affects a lot more cities so please review and let your legislator know of the issues. SB 3 Bathrooms was passed by the senate today and sent to the house.  Also, SB 13, the extremely onerous Expedited Permitting, Automatic Approvals bills was also approved on 7.27 and sent to the House. Finally, SB 14, Hall's elimination of tree regulation bill was approved on 7.25 and sent to the House. Please review and let your legislators know of your concerns.  Also, if you represent cities, make your clients aware of the attached.  These bills are moving fast and cities should communicate tomorrow.

Planning/Development Legislation Update