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On October 15, 2014, the Texas Chapter Board of Directors will consider approval of a proposed bylaw amendment to create a standing committee of the Texas Chapter for the Emerging Planning Leaders. The Chapter Bylaws Amendment is proposed in response to a recommendation from the 2014-2015 APA-Texas Chapter Action Plan.  The Texas Chapter Executive Committee formed a 29-member steering committee to create an organization that would assist in building and identifying future leaders in the planning profession. The steering committee identified a number of goals that would be needed to make the organization successful and formed the Texas Emerging Planning Leaders (TxEPL) in 2014.

 Proposed Amendment to APA-Texas Chapter Bylaws

The proposed Bylaws amendment provides that the Chapter President shall appoint a Texas Emerging Planning Leaders (TxEPL) Officer, who shall be responsible for managing the emerging planning leaders activities of the Chapter, shall chair the TxEPL Committee, and shall be a member of the Chapter Board of Directors.   The TxEPL Committee will be created as a Standing Committee of the Chapter Board of Directors.  The TxEPL Officer may recruit committee members of the TxEPL Committee. Membership of the TxEPL Committee shall be open to APA Texas Chapter members in good standing. The TxEPL Officer shall designate members of the committee to serve as the Mentorship Program Chair, Communications Chair, and Programs Chair. Each Section Director shall appoint a Section member to serve on the TxEPL Committee.

This notice is published in accordance with the required procedure for amending the Chapter Bylaws, by sending notification to Chapter members at least 30 days in advance of the meeting when the Board will consider action to approve the proposed Bylaws amendment.   The amendment must be approved by affirmative vote of at least 66-2/3rds percent of the Directors present, with a quorum of Directors present. 

For further information, see the proposed Bylaw Amendment.