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Well, today (3/13/15) is the last day for filing bills and joint resolutions other than local bills, emergency appropriations, and bills that have been declared an emergency by the governor.  The list (PDF below) has all Planning and Development related bills of the bills filed (5140) as of this morning.  TML was expecting at least another 900.  So, there should be a record number.  We will add some next week that we may have missed and update the committee status.  Be sure to look at the “Liberty City” legislation and the ½ mile ETJ legislation for all cities to get an idea how tough this session is going to be.  ~Craig Farmer, FAICP
The 2013 regular session, by way of comparison, was characterized by the volume of work. Lawmakers filed over 6,000 bills and proposed Constitutional amendments, many of which would have impacted Texas cities. It is likely that at least that many bills, if not more, will be filed in the upcoming 2015 session.  
Click here to view the status of Planning and Development related bills. (Updated 3/13/15)

The TML website offers an index of legislative updates including City-related bills filed and significant actions. Stay informed. Go to to see the latest updates.

The Texas Legislature will begin its 84th Regular Session on January 13, 2015. APA Texas participates in legislative activities through its affiliation with the Texas Municipal League. APA Texas is often called upon to provide thoughtful analysis and testimony regarding various bills under consideration. As such, APA Texas is seeking members that are interested in being involved in the process.

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