Urgent Action Needed!


TXAPA working with TML is sending out this urgent call for testimony and letters. If cities and/or interested groups, including responsible developers, realtors, etc that understand the issues can attend to testify, it will be hugely beneficial.  

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Action Needed:


TML & TXAPA legislative Committee needs expert testimony on the attached annexation bills that will be heard at 2 pm in Austin on Wednesday, April 5.  Agenda is also attached.  HB299, HB 424, HB 3072 and HB 2272 are the main bills that we are concerned with.  Two of them will have serious negative consequences.  If you cannot attend, look up the members of Land and Resource and let them know what your City thinks.  Copy TML and Shanna Igo with your comments or your plans to appear.  Thanks for everyone's help.  This one is important.  

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Legislative Watchlists: