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APA-Texas Chapter Elected Officers 


Every two years, APATX members elect four individuals to serve as Chapter Treasurer, Secretary, TML Representative, and President-Elect. The President-Elect is a six-year term serving as President-Elect for two years, President for two years, and Past President for two years. The current term is from November 2017 through November 2019. Other members of the APATX Board of Directors are appointed by the Chapter President with the exception of the Section's Representative, which is elected by the nine Section Directors to serve as the section's liason on the APATX Executive Committee. 

Who Are We?

From stories about childhood memories at Schlitterbahn to singing Spice Girls during Karoke, you may want to take a second to learn more about your APATX board. CLICK HERE!

Texas Chapter Board Documents

To access Board documents click the links below:

Board of Directors

Bylaws (Adopted 05.22.19)



2017-2022 Action Plan

2018 Action Plan Progress Report

2017-2018 Chapter Annual Report

Communications Plan

Section's Guide

Leadership Orientation (01/05/18)

Past Presidents

Membership Feedback