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Jobs Information

  • Description:

    Senior Planner -

    The Platting and Annexation Section has experienced an increase in applications of more than 100% since Fiscal Year 2012 that cooincides with Fort Worth's fast growth. This section coordinates multiple types of applications, which vary greatly in detail and complexity. Concept Plans, preliminary plats, and specific types of final plats go to City Plan Commission for final determination, while annexation cases and street/alley vacations go to City Council for final determination. These decisions are critical because they impact infrastructure growth, and have long-term impacts on livability factors, such as traffic congestion and utility service delivery.

    The PRIMARY purpose of the position is to confer with the development community on new submittals, and to facilitate plat cases from first submittal to recordation with the County. This consists of research into existing conditions, evaluating applications for impacts on other development departments, coordinating meetings to find creative solutions to issues, and communicating cases to a number of stakeholders. The SECONDARY purpose of this position is to assist the Planning Manager with special projects.

  • Position Reports To: Mary Elliott, AICP
  • Starts On: July 9, 2018, 10:20 p.m.
  • Salary: $60,632.24 to $78,821.91

Jobs Requirements

  • Experience:

    Five (5) years of experience in planning, urban design, research and statistical analysis.

  • Skills:

    The ideal candidate will have significant experience in development facilitation and review of development proposals for projects located in urban settings with complex systems, such as overlapping regulations, specific infrastructure needs, coordination with various regulatory agencies, and public right-of-way review.

  • Computer Skills:

    Microsoft Word and PowerPoint skills required.
    GIS skills are highly desirable and preferred.

  • Education Required:

    Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in Planning, Urban Planning or Design, Public Administration, Urban Geography or a related field.

Contact Information

  • Mary Elliott, AICP