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  • Description:

    Position Summary

    The Assistant City Manager (ACM) is a key position within the organization, serving on the City’s Executive Team. The ACM is responsible for leading the development, implementation and administration of strategic organizational operations in conjunction with the City Manager and/or Deputy City Manager.


    The ACM will play a vital role in directing and overseeing the work of various departments whose duties include the implementation and continual progress towards achieving Envision Garland (the comprehensive plan that serves that guiding policy document for long-range planning and development) and will be heavily involved in economic development efforts. Actual departments assigned will depend on the chosen candidate’s background and experience. The ACM frequently makes presentations to the City Council and represents the City with local, state and national organizations, and the community, to create support for organizational programs.


    To learn more about the position, benefits and the Garland community, click on the link below to review the recruitment brochure.


     The salary will be commensurate depending on qualifications and experience.

    Essential Job Functions

    • Provide complex administrative assistance and support to the City Manager and City Council. Assist the City Council in responding to inquiries and/or requests for information from the citizens.
    • Oversee organizational operations of the City including: determining planning process, purpose, timing and evaluation of operational projects and activities.
    • Develop City strategic plan in collaboration with City Council, including budget, development and improvements in City services. Translate the strategic and tactical business plans into City-wide strategic and operational plans.
    • Serve on the executive team reporting directly to the City Manager. Provide advice as to the City's management direction.
    • Confer with the business community, citizens, and/or other interested parties to discuss needs and related problems or issues. Provide information and assistance to civic organizations dealing with specific problems affecting the City’s welfare.
    • Review and prepare complex reports and studies. Offer recommendations on a wide variety of administrative or management policies in support of organizational goals, priorities, and initiatives.
    • Evaluate and advise the impact of long range planning of new programs/strategies and regulatory action’s impact on the attraction, motivation, development and retention of employees.
    • Maximize employee resources through focus on strategic planning, financial resource allocation and management policies and procedures.
    • Identify areas of improvement through participation and involvement with Council Committees and Commissions.
    • Provide overall direction and facilitation of multiple departmental operations.
    • Evaluate performance within assigned City departments, program categories and/or services to ensure prompt, efficient and effective service delivery. Provide direction and guidance to assigned areas, which includes budget administration, policy direction, strategic planning and/or other related areas.
    • Oversee the direction of applicable City departments with other government entities and/or contracted agencies. Confer with Directors and staff to review, plan, and discuss policies, programs, strategies, and/or other issues of concern.
    • Oversee and facilitate all comprehensive City communication issues and projects in the absence of the City Manager.



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  • Location: Garland, TX
  • Starts On: Feb. 12, 2020, 3:55 p.m.

Jobs Requirements

  • Skills:

    Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

    Extensive knowledge of the principles and practices of City management/administration including budgeting, economic development, fiscal management, performance management, project management, planning, re-development and program/services evaluation
    Business acumen and understanding of domestic and international economic development
    Extensive knowledge federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to local government operations
    Extensive knowledge of principles and procedures for developing goals, objectives and management plans
    Excellent communication skills both written and orally
    Effective negotiation skills to address and resolve complex issues and facilitate consensus with tact and diplomacy
    Effective leadership methods and supervisory skills
    Ability to plan, develop, and implement varied policies and procedures
    Ability to analyze a variety of complex administrative and organizational problems and make sound policy and procedural recommendations
    Ability to promote mission, goals, policies and guiding principles and standards of an effective public organization
    Must have experience managing multiple departments and interacting with public
    Skill in developing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with City Council, City management, business partners, employees and citizens
    Prepare professional presentations and present to City Council

  • Education Required:

    Minimum Education & Work Experience
     Bachelor's degree in public administration, business administration, or a related field from an accredited college or university
     Eight or more years of progressively responsible municipal government experience, including solid experience and expertise related to planning, economic development and re-development
     At least five years of management experience at a department head level or higher

Company Information

  • City of Garland