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March 9, 2012



Demographic transformation creates challenges and opportunities for all US communities.  Retiring baby boomers are making new demands  – in terms of the built environment, services and housing alternatives.  Children and youth require investment to ensure healthy growth and development and productive economic futures.  Caregivers, especially the sandwich generation caught in the middle, need more support to avoid burnout. Fiscal stress underscores the importance of finding new ways to meet these changing  needs.  Fortunately, responding to these needs can contribute to the creation of dynamic communities that provide supportive and healthy environments for all stages of the lifecycle.  

This webinar will offer a fresh perspective on:
1. Economics of Families – Prevailing wisdom suggests families with young children are a cost to communities whereas retiring baby boomers are “grey gold.”  The reality is both groups represent important costs and benefits. Understanding these economic realities will help communities plan for all ages.
2. Service Integration – Traditionally we have provided services in age segregated silos.  The opportunity to integrate service delivery can improve service effectiveness and efficiency.
3. Physical Design – To promote more independence among children and elders we need to design environments which provide housing and transportation alternatives and enable independence thereby reducing the need for services and promoting healthy lifestyles and development.

This webinar will provide the latest research and provide examples of how communities are addressing these challenges.

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Date and Time

Fri, March 9, 2012

noon - 1:30 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central