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Public art, cultural events and venues bring cohesion to communities that planners can incorporate and use to benefit the community we work in-murals, sculptures can help bring economic vitality and preserve heritage, can enhance walkability and healthier environments-and create that sense of place communities need.  Planning is inherently creative and we suspect a lot of you have artistic talents as well.

We are gauging interest from planners with an artistic bent in almost any medium-paint, digital/computer imagery, photography, fiber, cloth, ceramic, glass, writing, music, (dare we even think) performance art-who would be interested in displaying their work at the TXAPA 2015 Galveston Conference October 7-9, 2015.  The theme may be planning-related, but it need not be.

Please contact Mike McAnelly at with your contact information, medium, and what (medium/# of pieces) you might be interested in showing, with a jpeg file of the work, if available.  The show is dependent on having sufficient interest and space being available. 

Don't be shy! A nom de guerre (transl: alias) may be adopted if desired. 

This year, for the first time, the TXAPA Conference in Galveston will showcase Art by Planners Goes Public.  Art that has been created by YOU, our members, in whatever medium you practice in, will be on display at the Convention Center Wednesday-Friday, and will be displayed during the Legacy Project on Friday afternoon, [provided a pop up location is found).  So far, we have fiber art, stained glass hangings and lamps, ceramics, hand-painted maps, and wearable art.  We are also considering, space allowing, showcasing musical talents.


Legacy Project
Friday, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Cities and towns around Texas are looking for strategies to enhance the public realm while simultaneously increasing public participation in the revitalization process. The APA’s Legacy Project will use tactical urbanism to demonstrate how low-cost, incremental, changes can enhance Galveston’s public space, advance economic development opportunities, and improve health outcomes.

Planning is, by its very nature, a creative profession.  Planners think through how the streetscape will look, how housing facades blend with historical structures, how ordinances can engender creative, sustainable development, how art can enhance the public realm.

Planners who volunteer for the Legacy Project will learn about the different tactical urbanism techniques, how they can be applied, and gain hands on experience implementing interventions.

Conference attendees interested in contributing ideas or feedback about the project as it is developed over the month of September may join the Facebook Group “Legacy Project Galveston 2015”.

Volunteers will receive 3.0 CM credits for assisting with set-up on Friday afternoon.