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The APA Texas Chapter (APATX) five-year Development Plan, approved in 2017, includes an action item to develop uniform bylaws for the Chapter and its nine Sections across the state. This action will bring consistency with bylaws while also assisting various Sections to refresh their outdated bylaws. In particular, the Chapter and all Sections will have the same set of elected officer positions under the new bylaws, to facilitate the much more efficient online election process administered at all levels by APA National. Sections may also appoint other officer positions as needed to meet the specific and unique needs of the Section. The proposed new unified Section bylaws also:

  • Ensure uniform fiscal years, election calendars and duration of officer terms.
  • Provide flexibility for less populated Sections that sometimes find it difficult to recruit willing candidates for all officer positions.
  • Enhance procedural clarity and transparency.
  • Unify the procedure for future proposed bylaws amendments.
  • Include a final “placeholder” portion, Article XI, in which individual Sections can add bylaws provisions unique to their Section (no Sections have yet proposed any Article XI provisions).

The executive boards of APATX and all nine Sections have approved the new bylaws as proposed below. The final step for adoption of the new bylaws is a ratifying vote of the membership, for both the statewide bylaws and the bylaws of each voter’s respective Section. A Section Map can be found below.


Section           Current Bylaws    Proposed Bylaws
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Concurrenty with the Section Bylaw Update, the Chapter has been in the process of updating and modernizing its bylaws to reflect current policies and procedures. Major updates to the Chapter bylaws include: 

  • Updates to definitions
  • Definitions of membership to match national categories
  • Creation of Associate/Sponsor membership 
  • Clarification regarding prohibition of initiation fees
  • Section funding to reflect current practice
  • Continuation of Officer Terms resulting from term limits, vacation of office, etc.
  • Clarified language regarding TML Representative responsibilities
  • Clarification to process of selecting PSO Student Representative and Faculty Representative
  • Update of voting process to reflect consolidated elections
  • Removal of obsolete/unnecessary language pertaining to TML Affiliation
  • Update and clarification of PDO and PODO roles, and associated standing committees
  • Update of Conference Planning and Planning Awards responsibilities and processes
  • Restructure and memorialization of the current Policy and Advocacy Network
  • Revision of TML Affiliate language to clarify APA Texas as affiliate, and generally improve language for better clarity without altering meaning or intent

Current Chapter Bylaws

Red-Line Markup of Chapter Bylaws

Proposed Chapter Bylaws



APATX Members will have until May 22 to cast their vote to adopt the proposed bylaw changes to the Chapter and the member's section. Please use the link below to cast your vote. 

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