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The major subjects and percentages of each on the test are going to remain the same, but there will be a focus on emerging trends and issues, including the potential inclusion of questions based on topics such as 2010 Census data.  Regarding AICP study materials and the new exam:

• The recommended reading list is also being updated based on the refreshed exam and will be published after the May 2013 testing window is completed. 
• The AICP Exam Prep Package through APA is also scheduled to be updated to version 3.0 by January 2014.  AICP Exam Prep Package 3.0 is planned to be web-based with no hard copy.
• APA's Chapter Presidents Council (CPC) Study Manual has been updated for 2013-2014.

APA has also determined to move forward with the Advanced Specialty Certification in Urban Design.  There are currently two advanced specialty certifications: AICP-CEP (environmental planning) and AICP-CTP (transportation planning). Advanced specialty certifications require additional years of experience and warrant higher levels of specialized knowledge and skills.  The process to research the new urban design credential began in the fall of 2012, and a survey was sent to all APA members to gather feedback.  The final review by the AICP Commission is scheduled for fall 2013, and the new test for urban design is currently slated for launch in the May 2014 testing window. 

In addition to the changes in the AICP Exam and the new Advanced Specialty Certification in Urban Design, APA has begun an initiative to improve the quality of CM Credit sessions.  The initiative relates to quality assurance so that when AICP members see that CM Credits are approved for a learning opportunity that they can be more confident that it will contribute to their professional knowledge, skills, and abilities. A potential audit process is being considered, along with systematic review of user feedback when logging CM Credits on the APA website.  APA is proposing to have quarterly webinars relating to the new quality initiative—two with Professional Development Officers and two with the entire CM Provider community. 

To follow APA’s lead on this important issue, TxAPA will be thinking of new ways to improve CM Credit session quality, such as publishing tips and/or best practices for CM Providers here in Texas.  APA plans to provide more detailed information on any changes or new processes as the initiative moves forward.