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Both Bills Reported Favorably (8-0) by the Urban Affairs Committee

On April 25, 2019, the Urban Affairs Committee held a hearing on House Bills 3314 and 3315. The bills were introduced by Representative Romero and testimony was provided by Chapter President Doug McDonald. A bill substitute was introduced for H.B. 3314 by Representative Romero that allows cities the ability to continue current processes of a public hearing if they deem it beneficial to their cities, or to provide the current practice can continue until local ordinances are amended. View the links below to read the testimony or watch the video from the committee hearing. On Friday, April 26, 2019, both bills were voted out of Committee with a favorable recommendation (8-0). 

Testimony from Doug McDonald

Video from Committee Hearing



The APA-Texas Chapter has led the effort to introduce two bills, H.B. 3314 and H.B. 3315, related to subdivision platting. With the support and assistance of Representative Ramon Romero Jr. of Fort Worth, who is a former Planning and Zoning Commissioner, two bills have been introduced by Representative Romero on behalf of the Chapter. 

Cities across Texas strive to have predictable and efficient development processes to promote economic development, reduce administrative costs, and be responsive to the needs of residents. These two bills will help increase government efficiency and encourage meaningful community input by removing unnecessary bureaucracy within the municipal subdivision replatting processes and removing public hearing procedures for residential replats that do not serve a useful public purpose. With these proposals, the public interest is protected while improving the development process for developers and builders. To learn more about these changes and potential outcomes, view the Summary Document below. Future hearing dates on this bill will be posted on this page.

H.B. 3314 and H.B. 3315 Summary Document (PDF)

Action Requested of Membership

APA Texas leadership is asking for your support and assistance! With the help of the APA Policy and Advocacy team, we have made it easy to send a message asking that your elected officials support H.B. 3314 and H.B. 3315.  Please click the "TAKE ACTION" button and follow the instructions to send a letter.

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Bill Tracking

H.B. 3314 - Text
H.B. 3314 - Bill Stage

H.B. 3315 - Text
H.B. 3315 - Bill Stage


If you have legislative staff who are tracking bills, please send them these bills and ask your city to SUPPORT H.B.3314 and H.B.3315. For questions, please contact Chance Sparks, AICP at Chance.Sparks@freese.com