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Select session presentations from the 2012 APA Texas Conference have been made available for reference purposes. Please click on the PDF links to view PowerPoint presentations.                                               
Luncheon Keynote Address -- APA President, Mitchell Silver, AICP
Mitchell Silver's APA Texas presentation is currently unavailable; however, a similar presentation from the 2012 APA Conference in Los Angeles is available on YouTube.
Cities Again Turning to Projects Next to Transit
Darts Role.pdf - Coming Soon
 Comparative Urban Redevelopment HUD Grants, Complicated Financing, and Projects
Dallas Comprehensive Approach to Neighborhood Redevelopment
Downtown Plans That Make a Difference
Innovative Implementation in a Challenging Investment Climate

The Interface of Transit and Bike Pedestrian Enhancements
Megaregional Synergy: The Intersection of Teaching, Research, and Practice
The Military-Community Interface - Planning Near Military Airports
North Texas Municipal Design Studios

Not Just a Plan - A Strategic Management System

The Planner's Role in Petroleum Exploration
Quantifying the Value of Green
Strategies for Implementing Complete Streets
Sustainable Development Efforts in the Texas Metro MPOs
Sustaining Places with Comprehensive Plans
Transforming Suburban Arterials into Complete Streets Through Form-Based Codes
Urban Natural Gas Production - Planning and Legal Issues

iew from the FBC Trenches

Water Planning In Texas
Social Media & Participation

Miscellaneous Sessions