In accordance with the provisions of Texas Government Code, Chapter 2254, the City of Denton (the City) is requesting submissions to contract with an individual or business with considerable experience in providing the services of this solicitation. The responses shall be submitted to the City of Denton in a sealed submission.


The awarded individual or business shall possess a proven track record of using innovative approaches to providing services that represent the best value to their clients. The awarded individual or business shall have the ability to accomplish all aspects of the requested services. The selected individual or firm should be able to provide innovative methods to deal with municipal challenges, and cost effective solutions.



The City is seeking a professional services contract for Design of the Interstate 35 (I-35) Corridor Overlay District, extending south from U.S. Highway 380 to the Denton/Corinth city limits.


The products and services shall be accomplished per all exhibits identified in the table of contents.



The following minimum requirements must be demonstrated in order for the submission to be considered responsive to the City of Denton. Any submission received, which is determined to not meet these mandatory requirements shall be immediately disqualified and rejected as non-responsive.


  • A demonstrated competence in the planning process, citizen outreach, and an ability to work within a budget within a prescribed timeline. Past performance on projects of similar size and scope shall be expressed in the Statement of Qualifications.


  • Three (3) references from governmental entities for the services requested. The City prefers references from municipalities of similar size.
  • The responding individual or business must be registered in the State of Texas, or the County of Denton, to provide the products or services required in the solicitation, and the individual or business must have all licensure required by the State to provide any services required under this contact.  To learn how to obtain information about filing with the State of Texas, or obtaining copies or certificates from the Secretary of State visit Webpage: http://www.sos.state.tx.us/corp/copies.shtml; Phone 512-463-5578; or email corpcert@sos.state.tx.us.
  1. Submittal documents including a cover sheet, Solicitation Checklist, Statement of Qualifications, Attachments A -F and any additional requirements, per the method described in SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS.



The City of Denton reserves the right to change the dates indicated below:

Solicitation Schedule:

Issue Solicitation:                                                                   3/24/2017

Pre-Submittal Conference                                                      4/11/2017 at 2:00 PM CDT

Deadline for Submission of Questions:                                 4/14/2017 at 11:00 AM CDT

Deadline for Submission of Responses:                                4/27/2017 at 11:00 AM CDT

Interview(s) with top ranked firms:                                       5/11-12/2017

Evaluate and rank initial results:                                           5/16/2017

Completion of Negotiations:                                                 5/23/2017

Official Award:                                                                      6/6/2017

The City of Denton is using the solicitation ‘Issue Date’ as noted in the Schedule of Events above as the official 30 day notification requirement for an interview with a firm.



A non-mandatory, pre-solicitation conference will be available to interested contractors. Attendance at the pre-solicitation conference is strongly encouraged prior to submission of a response. The conference will be held on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. Central in the Purchasing Conference Room, 901B Texas Street, Denton, Texas 76209.

Internet link to meeting location:





The Contract shall commence upon the issuance of a Notice to Proceed or Purchase Order by the City of Denton and shall automatically expire upon completion of the work or receipt of the materials, and acceptance by the City of Denton.

7.       PRICING


This contract is for professional services as defined in the Texas Government Code 2254 and price shall not be solicited. The City will select a firm on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualifications to perform the services described in this RFQ. Once the most qualified firm is selected, a fair and reasonable price will be set. The professional fees under this contract may not exceed any maximum provided by law.

8.       ADDENDA


Respondents are required to acknowledge addenda with their submission.  Respondents will be responsible for monitoring the City of Denton Purchasing website at www.dentonpurchasing.com to ensure they have downloaded and signed all addenda required for submission with their submission. Respondents should acknowledge each individual addendum on Attachment F.



Respondent shall complete the Business Overview Questionnaire as applicable per Attachment A.



Statement of Qualification should be no longer than 25 pages. All pages with the exception of the front cover, the back cover and qualified divider sheets will be counted in the 25 pages. In order to be considered a qualified divider sheet, the page may have a description (i.e. Project Team, Experience, etc.) or a numeral on the divider tab only. Resumes and/or brochures will be included in the page count. Cover letters (if bound into the SOQ) will be included in the page count. Please include at a minimum the following:


  1. Background Information


  1. A maximum three (3) page narrative as to the firm’s interest, particular abilities and qualifications related to this project.


  1. The location of your office where the majority of the work on the project will be performed and the approximate number of employees in that office.
  3. Resumes of key personnel to be assigned to this project with an organizational chart showing the relationship of the individuals to each other and the tasks to be performed. The specific responsibility of each staff member must be identified. Identify project manager and senior staff that will be assigned to project team, with a description of their qualifications and experience as it relates to this project. When a firm has been selected, the City of Denton will expect these individuals to be assigned to the project.
  5. A list and general description of each project that the above-mentioned staff has performed that would indicate your firm’s ability to perform the work being considered. At least five (5) project examples should be included. The list of specific projects shall indicate the professional services and associated costs to accomplish the project, professional services and construction costs of the project, along with your client’s name and phone number.
  7. A detailed accounting of your firms’ background and experience in the writing of an overlay district, including a public outreach plans, and the use of innovative design standards. Include current and past contracted services performed for other cities.
  9. Background of firm and description of services offered.
  11. Description of the relevant experience of the firm.


  1. Description of completed projects similar to the proposed project. Provide the names, location of the projects, and telephone numbers of contact persons.


  1. Description of how this project would affect the current and anticipated workload of the firm, any special resources that would enhance the ability to perform the work, and internal procedures for maintaining project schedules and quality control.
  3. Provide the qualifications and resume of the proposed consultant and associated staff members and describe the work tasks assigned to each individual.
  1. Project Understanding


  1. A general description of the firm’s understanding of the project and approach must be provided.
  3. Describe your understanding of the key issues facing the I-35 corridor relating to the effect of the highway expansion on surrounding properties.



  1. Firm Capability


  1. Description of the relevant experience of the firm.


  1. Description of completed projects similar to the proposed project. Provide the names, location of the projects, and telephone numbers of contact persons.


  1. A listing of at least three references that have knowledge concerning the firm’s qualifications.


  1. Description of how this project would affect the current and anticipated workload of the firm, any special resources that would enhance the ability to perform the work, and internal procedures for maintaining project schedules and quality control.
  3. Provide the qualifications and resume of the proposed consultant and associated staff members and describe the work tasks assigned to each individual.
  1. Proposed Approach and Work Plan


  1. A work plan that responds to the tasks and issues of this project must be provided. Consultants may refine and/or expand the Scope of Services to reflect the manner in which the work would be performed. The work plan should include a schedule that describes the duration and relationship of tasks in the Scope of Services, milestones and major deliverables, and times the City is to review and give input on work products. The planning study should be scheduled for completion within a 12 month period.
  3. A brief overview of the project and a proposal for the work program should include a community outreach plan.
  5. Respondent(s) should note how tasks will be completed and by whom, including interaction with city staff.




The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process allows for negotiation of the terms and conditions of this proposal. The respondent shall note any exceptions to the solicitation document, on Attachment B. The exceptions will be reviewed to ensure they meet the minimum specifications and requirements and will be ranked in accordance with the evaluation criteria. The City reserves the right to accept, reject or negotiate the exceptions provided.


Respondents shall itemize all exceptions on Attachment B. Additional pages may be added as necessary. Do not mark or change the text of the solicitation document, exceptions shall be noted only on Attachment B.


If no exceptions are taken, the respondent shall sign and return Attachment B in the appropriate signature block.



Respondents shall provide schedule and budget compliance for two projects of similar scope to this RFQ. Please complete the forms in detail (Attachment C).



Respondents shall provide a list of three references as noted in Attachment D.



The individual or business must disclose any business relationship that would have an effect, of a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest statement must be signed as part of the contract negotiated with the awardee(s). (Attachment E)



Submit a signed acknowledgement by authorized agent of the responding firm (Attachment F).



The City of Denton will accept electronic or hard copy submittals until the date and time on the cover sheet of this solicitation. Any submission received after the date and/or hour set for solicitation opening will be returned unopened.


Electronic submittals may be emailed to ebids@cityofdenton.com with the solicitation number and name in the subject line. Please consolidate attachments as much as possible, and do not exceed 35MB total for attachments. Emails received by the City will remain unopened until after the due date and time. Only authorized Materials Management Staff will have access to the e-bid email inbox. Please do not email the buyer directly to ensure security of the proposal. Electronic proposals must be received by the City before the due date and time.  The date and time used by the City shall be the official time.  It is highly recommended that respondents do not wait until minutes before the due date and time to email their submission.  It can take significant time for the email to reach the City.


Hard copy submissions may be hand delivered (by firm or express courier) to the address listed below:


City of Denton

Materials Management


901B Texas Street

Denton, TX 76209


The City of Denton reserves the right to accept or reject in part or in whole any submission, and to waive technicalities of the submission, in the best interest of obtaining best value for the City.


Each respondent is responsible for taking the necessary steps to ensure their submission is received by the date and time noted herein. The City is not responsible for missing, lost or late mail or any mail or email delays, internal or external, that may result in the submission arriving after the set time.

a.  Submission Format


Respondents shall provide detailed information to allow the City to properly evaluate the submission. The City requests the following format be used:

  1. Hard copy submissions shall be bound only utilizing a staple or binder clip. Do not submit responses in a binder or file folder.
  2. Submission shall be no more than 200 pages in length
  3. Utilize tabs to identify exhibits and attachments
  4. The submission shall be in the following order:
    1. Coversheet – including Solicitation number and name, firm name, address, contact name, phone, fax, website and email address.
    2. Completed Solicitation Checklist
    3. Statement of Qualifications
    4. Attachment A- Business Questionnaire
    5. Attachment B- Exception Form
    6. Attachment C -Safety Record (if applicable form will be attached)
    7. Attachment D -References
    8. Attachment E -Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Form
    9. Attachment F -Signed Acknowledgement form
    10. Appendices may be used for additional documentation or clarification at the respondent’s option.
  5. Hard Copy submittals shall include one (1) original signed by an officer authorized to bind the firm, and three (3) copies of the completed response.
  6. Submit response, before the published due date. Hard copy submittals must be in a sealed envelope with the solicitation number and name.

b.    Electronic Submission Requirements


If a respondent is only submitting a hard copy, they shall provide a flash drive, containing a complete copy of the response to this solicitation, or submit electronically to ebids@cityofdenton.com. Emails to the City should include the RFP number and name in the subject line, consolidate attachments as much as possible, and not exceed 35MB total. Please do not email the buyer directly to ensure security of the proposal



Selection of a firm(s) to provide the aforementioned materials and services shall be in accordance with the City of Denton Purchasing Policies and procedures and the State of Texas Government Code 2254. The City of Denton shall open all submissions and evaluate each respondent in accordance to the below criteria:

Step 1:   The City of Denton will evaluate the submission in accordance with the selection criteria and will rank the firms on the basis of the submittals. The City of Denton, reserves the right to consider information obtained in addition to the data submitted in the response. The selection criterion is listed below:

  • Identification and understanding of the City's requirements for this project (FACTOR: 40%)


The respondent's understanding of the objectives and scope of the requested services of the primary areas, in a clear and concise, written expression. The respondent will provide all the appropriately requested criteria consideration to be a critical component of the evaluation.


  • Past Performance and experience on projects of this magnitude and complexity (FACTOR: 20%).


The respondent's successful experience in projects within the primary areas similar to the scope of work requested in this RFQ will be a major consideration. Based on the past performance and available resources of both the individual project personnel and the respondent, The City of Denton will determine if the respondent has the track record to provide the required services in successfully administering similar projects.


    1. Experience and qualifications of the Respondent and key personnel available for this project (FACTOR: 25%).


The qualifications of the respondent in terms of experience, service capability and resources will be reviewed in order to assess the ability of the respondent to successfully complete the project assignment. The firm’s ability to provide the necessary professional and technical expertise and supervision will be a major consideration.


The qualifications and experience of the individuals who will be directly assigned to the primary areas is a major evaluation factor to be considered. The personnel cited shall be designated as to whether they are an employee, consultant or contract employee of the RFQ respondent. Their educational and professional credentials as well as direct experience on similar projects will be considered in evaluating the respondent. Experience with other municipally funded projects and familiarity with municipal requirements and procedures will also be considered in the evaluation process.


  • Schedule presented for this service and defined in the scope of work (FACTOR: 15%)


Proposed schedule for competition of the scope of work.


The total possible score of the submissions shall be scored and weighted as indicated above, Step 1 items a-d. Based on the outcome of the computations performed, each submission will be assigned a raw score. The assigned weight will then be applied to these scores to calculate an overall score for each submission for completion of the final scoring process.


Step 2:     City of Denton will proceed to negotiate a contract with the highest ranked firm. The City may elect to conduct oral discussions, request clarifications, and presentations concerning the project approach and ability to furnish the requirements, as part of the negotiation process.

                 Provided the City of Denton cannot successfully contract with the highest ranked firm, the City of Denton shall formally, and in writing, end all negotiations with that firm and the City of Denton may elect to proceed to negotiate with the next firm in the order of the selection ranking until a contract is reached or negotiations with all ranked firms end, in accordance with Texas Government Code 2254.


Step 3:   A written recommendation will be presented to the appropriate approving authority for the City of Denton (the City Manager, Public Utility Board, City Council) requesting authorization to proceed with contract execution for the proposed services.

In accordance with Local Government Code 252.049, trade secrets and confidential information in competitive sealed proposals are not open for public inspection. All submissions shall be opened in a manner that avoids disclosure of the contents to competing respondents and keeps the responses secret during negotiations. A public opening will not be conducted with this process.


After the contract has been awarded all submissions will be open for public inspection, and the unsuccessful respondent(s) may request a debriefing regarding their submittal. Please contact the City of Denton Materials Management staff to document the request for a debriefing. A meeting with the City of Denton Materials Management Staff and the using Division will be scheduled within a reasonable time.



Respondents shall direct all inquiries and communications concerning this solicitation to the Point of Contact(s) listed below:


Cindy Alonzo


901-B Texas Street

Denton, TX 76209

(940) 349-7100

Fax: (940) 349-7302

cynthia.alonzo@ cityofdenton.com