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  • Description:

    The City of Corpus Christi is seeking applicants for the Senior Project Manager Position.

    What do you want in a job? At the City of Corpus Christi, you can discover your potential, push your limits and make a real impact on the community we serve.

    The Project Manager is to facilitate the permitting and inspection process for private businesses and developers. It supports the physical and economic development of the City, particularly in helping businesses open shop and helping investors develop land.

    • Coordinate technical staff review in multiple departments as necessary to ensure projects are reviewed within city timeliness and in line with adopted ordinances and policies as established by the City Council.
    • Facilitate meetings between staff and customers, intake applications and provide exceptional customer service.
    • Ensure appropriate sign off for the project and that project closeout activities are completed in a timely manner.
    • Research issues related to zoning, platting, comprehensive plans, annexation, census data, grant applications, Coastal Management Plans and facilitates the adoption of new city policies.
    • Coordinate the submittal and review of plan revisions in changes occur to plans or construction documents.
    • Prepare written materials and oral presentations for public hearings.
    • Assist the Director with special project planning as needed.
    • Research and learn the City Codes and best practices for urban development and construction and read blue prints to determine applicability to a project.
    • Find solutions and alternatives when customers’ projects face obstacles with city codes.
    • May be asked to perform other duties as assigned.
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  • Location: Corpus Christi, TX.
  • Starts On: Jan. 5, 2017, 6:23 p.m.

Jobs Requirements

  • Experience:

    Minimum of three (3) years of related experience

  • Skills:

    The City of Corpus Christi requires thorough knowledge of the City’s Development Regulations and Construction Practices such as reading blueprints, comprehensive knowledge of all City Codes

  • Computer Skills:

    The City of Corpus Christi requires knowledge and skills of various software packages especially Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and permitting and mapping software.

  • Education Required:

    Bachelor's Degree